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  • Hiked Table Rock yesterday. A little sore.
  • High carb/sugar weekend. Yummy, but it was lousy feeling hungry all the time. When I run very low carb (VLC) I am almost never hungry. Amazing the difference nutrition makes.
  • Starting new VLC cycle at lunchtime today and run with it until Father's Day weekend (June 15th).
  • I am going to not worry about artificial sweeteners in my whey this cycle and see how it goes.
    • The MRM protein without artificial sweeteners in great, but I have a bunch of other protein around that needs to get used, and the MRM is pricy...
  • Back handled the exercise well. Think I am on the mend.

  • Home in garage - Noon workout
  • Five sets of
    • Two minutes double kettlebell long cycle jerk @ 12kg
    • One minute rest between sets

Martial Arts:
  • White Lion Kajukenbo - 5:00p
  • Sibak Conner and
 Sibak Snyder lead the class
  • Practiced stances
  • Punches and hi-low punches
  • Five point blocks
  • Clock dance
  • Eight basic stances

  • 8:00a - Noon:
    • Finishing up Mother's Day treats
  • Noon - 4:00p:
    • 50g. Whey MRM All Natural Whey protein, cocoa
    • Black coffee
  • 4:00p - 10:00p:
    • Black coffee
    • Big grilled steak with rub of salt, pepper, ground mustard and hot sauce
    • Steamed brussel sprouts

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Comment by Jim B on May 14, 2012 at 11:23pm

Looks like fun!

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