Boise Kettlebell Lifting

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Food 7-25 & 7-26
10 almonds
Baby carrots
5 paleo turkey meatballs
2 paleo turkey meatballs
1/4 c almonds
A2O coconut cookie protein bar
1 Sushi roll w coconut aminos and wasabi- rice, raw salmon, avocado, cucumber 
1c watermelon
1serv coconut bliss cappuccino ice cream

Worked and spent time w family
Lower energy towards evening
1/2 gal H2O

Paleo wrap
2 eggs w salt and pepper
1/2 avocado
1TBL coconut oil
5 turkey meatballs
3 HCL pills
20 oz unsweetened almond milk
24 almonds
2 shots of 1/2 decaf espresso 
5:30-7:00 (long timeish at gym but only actually worked out for 1hr)
Foam rolling, lifted Legs, light HIIT 15 min
5.5 oz of roasted chicken breast w salt and pepper
1TBL fish oil
3 HCL pills 
1c watermelon
1c o.j. 
1 entire can of olives 
2 TBL coconut bliss
Fat 132
Carbs 100
Protein 108
1 Gal H2O w lemon!!! :)
Full workday on feet all day walking around
Lower energy for workout but still pushed through

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Comment by Jim B on July 27, 2014 at 11:06pm

The 26th looks good. I know you are still getting used to spacing meals out. 

The 25th looks a little low on the protein and H2O. If you are starving and there is nothing around, the A2O bar might be a good choice, but if I recall, they are the kind of thing that is better suited to a postworkout snack, or almost a meal replacement. 

Are you getting any coconut oil in yet?

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