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TRAINING/NUTRITION BLOG: 06/11/12 - Caloric Breakdown Today (just for the fun of it).


300mg caffeine
1000mg vitamin C

handful of beef jerky
handful of raw pecans
3600mg fish oil
1 cod liver oil capsule
4000iu vitamin D

1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 large leftover grilled chicken breast
4 strips of bacon
3600mg fish oil
1 cod liver oil capsule

3 scoops Neurocore

1 banana

2 huge grassfed hamburgers, pan cooked in bacon grease, wrapped in lettuce, with strips of bacon, avocado and bleu cheese dressing
huge salad with one whole broccoli crown, one whole large tomato, onion, crumbled bacon strips,
3600mg flaxseed oil
1 cod liver oil capsule

About 1130pm, I will take 3 ZMA capsules, 3 mg melatonin and 5000iu vitamin D

I did a quick breakdown of my calories today (truely hate doing this). This is a rough estimate.

Total calories:4017
Fat calories (307gr): 2763 (67% of calories)
Protein calories (217gr): 868 (22% of calories)
Carbohydrate calories (110gr): 440 (11% of calories)

A little low on the protein. I weighed in at 225lbs today, so I would like to up this protein amount slightly. May have to start adding a protein shake to up that a little. I want at least 1gr per pound of bodyweight. This is a good rough number for an active person to shoot for.

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on June 12, 2012 at 8:49am
Love that you did this. I'm pretty sure I don't get enough protein due to not having a very big appetite. Was just thinking last night I might have to start incorporating shakes. I tend to resist because real food is always better. Sometimes you have to compromise I guess.

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