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IKSC Blog: February 25, 2021

This article on COVID numbers gets blocked out of many health information sources. The numbers you see on the news are meaningless. ;

White Bread or White Rice? Glycemic Index Telling of CVD Risk Acros...

The Big Fat Surprise: Toxic Heated Oils - The Weston A. Price Found...


I agree with everything in this article on bodyfat measurements and have written and discussed the same points. One thing I'd like to point out that no two people look the same at the same bodyfat percentage, and no one really cares what your bodyfat percentage is.

How Fat Are You? Let's Find Out! | T Nation (


Does vitamin D deficiency raise COVID-19 risk? - Peter Attia (peter...


Get ready for a huge marketing campaign for fake meat products.

PepsiCo Goes Beyond


One of the big reasons many have ever even heard the word "keto" is because of the science journalism Gary Taubes worked on 20 years ago.

Gary Taubes: 'Obesity isn’t a calorie problem, it’s a hormone probl...


Some of you will recognize the name associated with this article on eggs, Vince Gironda. He's the guy behind the 8X8 and 6X6 rep schemes that we use a bunch. He also used intermittent fasting and the carnivore diet way before it was cool. His basic plan was two meals per day, 8 hours apart, consisting of steak and eggs in mass quantities. 

Do Whole Eggs Act Like Steroids? | T Nation (

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