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Idaho Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning July Fitness and Nutrition Challenge 2021

Idaho Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning July Fitness and Nutrition Challenge 2021

*You can do both or just nutrition. The event lasts the entire month.*


For the vast majority of exercisers, the July Challenge is a more productive month than can be had from any fitness or nutrition program anywhere, at any price. It is totally free to do, but I’ve seen people spend $1,000s in a month’s time for private nutrition and training without the results this CAN get you. This is also why this has been copied by gyms in other parts of the country, usually with some sort of entry fee attached.


Here is why it works: It forces people to pre-plan exercise into their week or day and carefully consider everything they eat and drink. That’s it. The vast majority of the population doesn’t do this and when they do, changes are rapid and positive.


There is no magical mixture of exercises or nutritional combination. You are eliminating man-made foods as much as practically possible and replacing sitting time with exercise.

Doing a base number of reps (150 reps of some kind of pulling, 150 reps of some kind of pushing, and 500 reps of some form of squatting) is really not a huge challenge, as long a person prioritizes it. If they procrastinate, it may not be possible, but as long as you divide it up throughout the week it isn’t that tough.


I started the July Challenge in 2011, and every year I see some of the most amazing changes of the entire year. Here are the details:


2021 July Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

(Do as much as you can…some will be better than none. The goal of this is to get in lots of low-level activity in and eat nutritious foods.)

Do not overthink this!

Eat ONLY meat, fish, eggs, raw nuts, and fresh produce.

Drink ONLY water.

Reasonable amounts of condiments, like real butter, grassfed cheese, coconut oil, olive oil, vinegar, etc are allowed.


Supplements (including protein powders) are OK, as long as they are not a primary source of nutrition or consumed as meal replacements.


ONE cheat meal per week is allowed. Plan it and enjoy whatever you want.

Bodyweight Exercise Minimum Quota:


Level III
200 pullups per week
300 pushups per week
1,000 squats per week
(You may substitute 3yds of walking lunges for every squat...i.e. 1,000 squats = 3,000 ft. of lunges. Weighted squats are rated at a 1:5 ratio.)


Level II
150 pulls
200 pushups
700 squats


Level I
150 pulls per week
150 pushups week
500 squats per week


-Break this up over as many days, into as many sets as needed. Do this as part of, or in addition to, your normal training. Don’t overthink this! Just start doing reps. Feel free to do more.

ANY needed or reasonable modification of these exercises is permitted.

Omission of any of these is OK for bonafide medical reasons (not just because you are sore or too busy. Suck it up).


Get creative and get moving.

Please…I don’t want to hear a single excuse from anyone.

Either do it or choose not to. I only want to hear what you CAN do, not how hard this is, or hear reasons why you can’t do any part of it. Focus on what you can do.


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