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The week flew by and I think, I did pretty well.

I give myself a B+ on the nutrition side of things. I stuck to my food plan and dude not eat more than 1200 kcal. Also ate no processed foods, with they exception of whey protein shakes and plain Greek yogurt with some stevia (turns out that I prefer Dannon's version over my old love Fage - I swear the commercial had nothing to do with it!).

I give myself a C to C- on the work-outs - lots of room for improvement. Mostly because I didn't work out other than with Jim twice this week and had one introductory Taekwon do session. I meant well, but got off from work late a couples of times. But I have not been sleeping well/enough (maybe Lipo 6 catching up?). And those 12 hour night shifts tend to kick my butt anyway.
But the bodybugg still showed an average of 2500 kcal burned per day with regular activities. And I will start the new week off with a post-work work-out tomorrow morning with Jim!

Weight loss: A+ with 6.4 lbs down. Unreal number, but had tons of water to lose after going off most carbs and salt.

Summary: solid B. Need to improve exercise frequency. Feel good, but am tired from lack of sleep.

Outlook: am thrilled with the weight loss (after all water weight is weight too) but also concerned about the lack of sleep.
Have a tricky week ahead. Need to travel to Nashville for a 2 day meeting, which makes a 3 Saudi trip. The hotel has a Gym, but don't know how much time they'll leave us to actually use it.

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Comment by Brent Brown on September 5, 2011 at 3:10pm
Starting and restarting is the hardest part.  Great job!

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