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3 pieces of bacon

cottage cheese with blueberries

2 tbs creamer with my java


small handful of almonds



Amylu chicken burger

1/2 bag of veggies(broc and caulif)

1/2 avocado

1 string cheese

1/2 Fuji apple


Other half of Fuji apple an hour before my workout



5 double front squats with the 44s

rest 3 min

5 double front squats with 44s

rest 2 min

5 double front squats with 35s

rest 1 min

5 double front squats with 35s

12 sets of 5 (last 5 rounds was 6) double kb front squats with 26s with about 30 sec rest between rounds.


Had to leave to go to Emma's t-ball game but will do the upper body portion of the workout tomorrow. Bummed I didn't get it in today.


2 scoops of muscle milk protein shake



1 hambuger patty on a mixed green salad with broc, carrots, cucumbers, tomato, grilled onions and a little ranch dressing.

2 bites of flan


From myfitnesspal:

I didn't add the green salad mix into it so this isn't quite accurate but a good ball park

Cal: 1,632

Carbs: 98



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