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SP- 105/95

PU- 50/50

SQ- 190/175

B- 180/160

Sn- x/x


TGU 8/side @ 45 lbs


Switched my shoulder presses to single arm and started at a lower weight. haven't snatched for a while because the gym i've been going to recently doesnt have bumper plates. My bench may have maxed out so i plan to start over again with dumbbells.

DL- 340/305

SP- 50/50

PU- 55/55

SQ- 195/175

B- 185x3/155

Sn- x/x

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Comment by Jim B on March 21, 2010 at 8:01pm
Looks like a great plan. I like the idea of starting the bench over with dumbells.

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