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4 pieces turkey bacon

2.5 organic eggs

1.4 tsp coconut oil



mixed greens topped with pork carnitas

balsamic vinegar for dressing

1 cup watermelon



4 oz of a tbone steak

steamed asparagus

Cauliflower mash



1.0 ounce Turkey Jerky


Calories- 1352 (goal of 1400)

Fat- 56g

Carbs- 74g

Protein- 132g



Tabata rounds at home.  My sister has been in town and we've been going a mile a minute.  Tabata rounds have been our workout for the past few mornings.


30 minutes total (30 second workout/20 rest)


Rotated between:

Jump rope

Squats (12-15 each round)

Pushups (12-15 each round)

Jumping Pullups/knee to elbows on the pullup bar (7-8 each round)


Completed 28 rounds.

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Comment by Pam Benedick on July 13, 2013 at 9:27pm

Way to go Kim!! That is so awesome that you are getting workouts in at home! Nice work!!! :)

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