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Strategies for Success on Any Nutrition Program.

Strategies for Success on Any Nutrition Program.


1) You must log everything you eat and drink. No exceptions.  If you don’t have an accurate account of what you are taking in, the quantities, and the times you are eating them, failure is very likely.  

2) You can’t be afraid of protein. You will be eating lots of it. This is one thing that pretty much all legitimate nutrition plans agree on. Shoot for about .75-1.0 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.


3) You will have to drink lots of water.


4) Don’t drink calories if you have a weight or fat loss goal. The digestive process begins - and satiety signals are sent -the instant nutrients hit your salivary glands. Drinking calories “short circuits” this process. Your body expects to have to chew to get nutrients. Don’t confuse it.


5) Your logs are tools for your learning process, and they need to include more than carbs, fats, and protein. It is helpful to make notes about sleep, mood, life stressors , energy levels, etc.


6) Develop the mindset that whatever plan you decide to follow is an education program not a diet or short-term weight loss program. This is a process to figure out what makes your body run best.

-Jim Beaumont

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Good tips!

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