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TRAINING BLOG: December Challenge 2013 Edition 12/31/2013

I didn't log daily on here. The reason being I was already logging in two other places and it would be basically the same type of workout every day.


Day 5: 5 getups, 16-32kg.

Day 6: 20 minutes 2-arm swings @ 15 per minute w/40kg. 6 getups, 16kg-40kg. Day 6 done!

Day 7: Amnesty Day

Day 8: 20 minutes 2-arm hardstyle swings W/40kg @ 13RPM. 8 Turkish Getups: 16kg-48kg.

(As I've said before, I am not following the exact swing protocol of the challenge this year. I am working an experimental swing program I will review in the future. I am supposed to use a "medium weight" kettlebell for my 20 minutes of swings...I guess the 40kg qualifies.)


Day 9: 9 Turkish Getups: 16kg-48kg.


Day 10: 10 getups with 24kg, mixed with Taekwon-do hyungs

Day 11: (early) 11 Getups: 16kg-48kg. (late) 16 Taekwon-Do hyungs

Day 12: lighter day. 12 getups with a 24kg mixed with Taekwon-Do conditioning drills.

Day 13: 20 minutes 2-arm swings w/40kg @ 15RPM. 13 getups, 16kg-48kg.

Day 14: Amnesty Day

Day 15: (AM) Day 16: 16 getups, 16kg-48kg. 2-arm swings w/40kg. 20X16: 60 seconds rest between sets. (PM) 16 Taekwon-Do hyungs.

Day 16: 16 getups with 24kg, mixed with Taekwon-Do hyungs

Day 17: (AM) Day 17: 17 getups, 16kg-48kg. (PM) 16 Taekwon-Do hyungs.

Day 18: (AM) Swings 20X17 w/40kg. 60 seconds rest between sets. Getups: 18, 16kg-40kg (medium day) (PM) 16 Taekwon-Do hyungs.

Day 19:Light- 19 getups with 24kg, mixed with conditioning drills.

Day 20: Medium-light, 20 getups 16kg-32kg.

Day 21: Amnesty Day

Day 22: Taking early Amnesty Day for this week. Normally that would be Saturday for me, but I decided to take 2 consecutive days instead.

Day 23: (AM) Day 23: 23 getups...16kg-48kg. (PM) 16 Taekwon-Do hyungs

Day 24: (AM) Day 24: Medium-heavy. 24 getups, 16kg-40kg. (PM) 16 Taekwon-Do hyungs

Day 25: Christmas Day off!

Day 26: 26 getups, 16kg-48kg. 2-arm swings. 10X10 w/48kg. Lots of rest in between. Experimenting and learning with each set. While I'm not following the swing protocol this year, I have learned a ton modifying a few existing programs.

Day 27: (AM) 27 getups, 16kg-48kg (PM) 16 Taekwon-Do hyungs, basics, sparring, breaking. Breaking practice this evening:


Day 28: Day 28: 9 getups today, 16kg-48kg. Skipped amnesty and broke up today's reps.

Day 29: Got my 19 in leftover from yesterday. Medium-light, 16kg-32kg.

Day 30: 30 getups, all with 24kg. Alternated each rep with Taekwon-Do hyungs at max effort. This was a 90 minute grind that left me with absolutely zero leftover. Felt sick. I know we all love short workouts, but you really have to know that you can dig deep and gut these kind of sessions out once in a while.


Day 31: 31 getups, 16kg-48kg. Nothing fancy here. Just happy to be done! Feeling strong.


Last advanced class at Grandmaster Knife's current location. He will be moving soon across town.
This is not an especially difficult break for me, but I wanted to get something solid on video for the last night in his old school.

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