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I'm not used to posting on here so I have been forgetting to do it before I go to bed!


I take 8 fish oil pills a day and 2 green coffee bean extract(1 in am 1 in pm)


My eating has been spot on clean for all 3 days. Just going to post todays.



3 turk saus

1 banana




50 box jumps

50 squats

50 ring rows

50 supposed to be dips but did push-ups on kb handles with feet elevated on box mixed with hindu-push-ups and then just the rest on the handles. I really suck at push-ups. Want to get better at these!

50 2 arm swings with 53

50 1 arm swings(25/25) with 35

50 Knees to elbows

50 push-press/jerk (25/25) with 35


I don't know why but this workout kicked my butt. I can see why Jim calls it the turret workout. Except I didn't even have the energy to say anything! That's when you know you have had a GOOD workout! :)


Went to my daughters school carnival tonight and knew that there would not be any food that I would want to eat so I took an apple, jerky and some almonds. Very satisfying and filling and I didn't miss any of the cotton candy/popcorn/candy/pizza that they were selling!

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