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Idaho Kettlebell Fitness and Planet Fitness: Common ground?

Idaho Kettlebell Fitness and Planet Fitness: Common ground?


This will come as a shock to many. As much fun as I like to make about wimp-ass workout programs and machine-based excuses for exercise, I actually feel common ground with Planet Fitness.


I was laughing at some videos of Planet Fitness on Youtube the other day. There were a bunch of weaklings making excuses for their non-willingness to work hard at anything, and resenting anyone with any sort of ambition in the gym.


This stupid place even has an alarm that sounds if someone trains hard enough to drop a weight!


I was chuckling about it, until the testimonials from members came up:


  • People talked about being able to wear what they wanted to and not be judged.

  • They talked about not having to worry about what anyone else thought about them.

  • They didn't like the normal “posers” at most gyms.

  • They wanted to just get in, do their workout and get out, without a fashion show.

  • They didn't like the intimidating environment of many gyms.


As I watched these testimonials, I realized that my gym had more in common with Planet Fitness than differences, and that any one of those people talking about their experiences would fit right in. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


These are the facts:

  • No one cares what anyone wears, or even has time to pay attention to anyone else.

  • You are there for your progress and yours alone.

  • There are no mirrors on the wall to admire yourself in.

  • No one here is a fashion model, or cares to be. We are here to get stronger.

  • There is not a SINGLE person at the gym that will not provide positive reinforcement for your hard effort. (Note: This deal is off if you whine. Whiners, complainers or pessimists are not welcome. They just bring down everyone's mood and work ethic.)


I especially loved the Planet Fitness ad with the bodybuilder flexing his pecs. That dude would cry if he was exposed to ½ of the amount of work one of the Idaho Kettlebells Superwomen is capable of in 30 minutes.


You will be judged, but only on your willingness to work hard. No one cares whether you are swinging an 18lb kettlebell or a 70lb, but if you aren't working to make yourself stronger and healthier, you will probably not feel welcome. No one is here to stand around and talk, or emphasize their weakness.


Is this a hard environment? Yes. Is it non-judgmental? Yes.


Do you have what it takes? Yes and no.


Yes, if you are willing to make an effort, put aside your excuses and WORK and get outside your comfort zone.


No, if you are going to focus on how difficult this journey will be and be content with weakness.





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