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TRAINING/NUTRITION BLOG: Holiday Eating - Before and After.

Haven't been posting the training blog as much this month because I've been basically doing burpees and an experimental, minimalist kettlebell program, and my usual martial art training. It doesn't make for anything interesting. I do post them every day on Kettlebell Inc.


The point of this post is just to show that if you train hard and obey strict nutrition every day of the year, then what you eat during one or two holiday meals means nothing. Of course, I did steer clear of anything that would make me outright sick like wheat, or excessive amounts of sugar or beer.


This is a body composition that I can feel strong at and have plenty of energy to train up to 8 short, hard sessions per week, while still making strength and power progress. I am sitting right at about 225lbs. A few pounds lighter and I start to feel hungry. A few pounds higher and my movement starts to suffer.


Before: Nov. 27th:
























After: Nov. 29th






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