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normal breakfast and lunch.

dinner was a cheat meal; sushi and frozen yogurt afterwards. It was super yummy! :)

Exercise was a bit lame today.

decent warm up with sprint rows jump rope and ghd sit ups.

then we practiced the hanging snatch with heavy weight low reps, but my left shoulder does not like the wide grip over head position so I had to bow out early. Then we did some sprint relays in a ladder format until we could not complete them all in a minute.

crappy sleep last night, and in my opinion due almost exclusively to the cheat meal. I will pound the water extra hard today to help cleanse the body.

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Comment by Jim B on March 25, 2015 at 8:21am

Sushi is a great cheat meal.

Be aware of sugar and carb cravings today due to the high sugars from last night.

Sometimes the poor sleep after a huge carb meal can be because the blood sugar is still rising as you go to bed, you have a big insulin spike to combat this, and then the "overshoot" in insulin causes low blood sugar at night, which causes cortisol to rise, which can cause restless sleep.

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