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probably didn't eat enough yesterday, but my wife is out of town so I am living the bachelor life :) Having said that I only ate things on the approved list.


Back squat of 5 rounds of 3 reps with progressively heavier weight.  Had to pause at the bottom for two seconds. Super deep squats.

Then we put 55 lbs on a bar and completed 4 rounds of 

10 sumo high lift 

10 push press

20 back squat

We were not allowed to put the weight down at any point except to touch the floor for the sumo high lift pull. I felt strong and probably could have done more weight for both the strength portion as well as the workout.

Sleep was good at 7ish hours.

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Comment by Jim B on March 24, 2015 at 8:11am

Hey the approved list gives quite a few options there. Hope the energy was good for the workout.

Things are going great. Remember we are looking months and years down the road here, so a good eating pattern does have to include not having outside help.

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