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3 turkey saus.

coffee with 2%milk and sugar free syrup



3/4 chicken burger

steamed veggies



handful of almonds



tabata set of 2 arm swings with 53 and then one arm swings with 35

tabata set of snatches w/26

tabata set of snatches mostly with the 35 some with the 26


Practiced the 2arm swing. Thank you Christa and Rachel for doing this for me. I suck at them for some reason. Really want to get better at them as I think they are one of the best full body workouts you can do. For some odd reason I can not get the mechanics down and I end up shredding my hands to pieces. Ugghhh! FRUSTRATING!!


Apple post workout

Air-popped pop corn with butter (not the best carb choice I know but.....well its what sounded good when I got home.

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