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3 Turk saus

So I tried something new today.....I went to Jolts and Juice before work to get my weekly splurge of a coffee and I had them put whole milk in it and made it sugar free. was super rich. Not sure that I will be doing that again.



10 almonds



1 1/2 chicken saus.

Steamed mixed veggies

Lemon cucumber sliced




10 almonds



4 Rounds of:

1 min push press per arm w/18(about 24 reps per hand)

Rest 1 min

1 arm swings for 1 min per hand w/18(about 33-36 reps per hand)

Rest 1  min

1 arm swings for 1 min per hand w/18

Rest 1  min

1 arm swings for 1 min per hand w/18

Rest 1 min

On the last round I did all of the swings at one time...6 min total of non-stop swings! That got my heart rate up!



Sauted onions in 2 eggs with cheese

3 slices of bacon

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on September 15, 2011 at 7:31am
Awesome day, Pam!! Is cow milk the only option for your coffee? If so, maybe a lower fat % than whole milk so it's not so rich, but still make it sugar free.

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